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Our customers tell us that our solutions offer them a real deterrent against vandalism, theft and have helped to monitor and improve business activities. When you think about the value of your stock and premises, isn’t it worth investing in real security expertise?

Cablenet Technologies Group offer more than just installing cameras on your premises. We help you optimise site security and get the most out your investment in CCTV by ensuring you have captured the information you need to identify intruders, catch shoplifters and monitor employees in retail environments.

Our technology gives you peace of mind even outside of business hours. Our HD systems ensure you have the best digital evidence and our remote monitoring solutions provide a 24 hour instant response to any activity on your site.

Our commercial CCTV solutions make security easy. We look after everything from design, to installation and ongoing maintenance. Some of the services we offer include:

  • HD cameras – Up to 16 Megapixel resolution lets you zoom in on faces and number plates to ensure optimum evidential quality.
  • Remote monitoring – You and the police are immediately alerted to any disturbance to ensure a quick response.
  • Remote Access – View camera feeds and activate security measures via secure Internet connection, giving you tighter control on security, wherever you are.
  • Night vision cameras – Monitor your premises when it is most vulnerable at night, with infra-red technology.
  • Image recording – Digital Video Recorders capture and retain weeks of security footage, which can be played back across your network.
  • CCTV systems – Careful design and installation to ensure any concealed internal monitoring needs are met.

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