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Tony Abbott announces cyber security review

  Samer Boulos   Dec 10, 2014   Blog, Security   Comments Off on Tony Abbott announces cyber security review

Are Australia’s cyber defences up to scratch? Could traffic lights fail and “Cybergeddon” bring down our critical infrastructure? The Australian government will soon find out after Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced a review of Australia’s cyber security strategy. Speaking at the opening of the Australian Cyber Security Centre on Thursday, Mr Abbott said such a review was “long overdue”.

“The last cyber security review was in 2008 and in this area in particular, six years is several lifetimes” Mr Abbott said.

He added that the review would not only be about the security of government and government information and communications but about the security of “our businesses and the security of our individuals”.

A panel of experts including the chief executive of the Business Council of Australia, Jennifer Westacott; chief security and trust officer at Cisco Systems in the US, John Stewart; Mike Burgess, chief information security officer at Telstra, and Dr Tobias Feakin, director of the international Cyber Policy Centre at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute will assist the government in the review.

The review will report back in six months.


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