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Voice – CloudPBX

Hosted Voice (Phone System in the cloud) is a robust platform that allows any organisation to simply have handsets on their data network. Thus eliminating the need for any expensive PABX & Maintenance costs associated with that. In essence a hosted solution means all the hardware is managed through Cablenet Technologies Group by its partners in a secure Data Centre around Australia, thus providing a single integrated phone system for all your offices.

Cost Reductions: Hosted Voice can be a pay-per-user solution, so no capital expenditure is required and removes the need to purchase an expensive PABX. Through cloud computing, phone features like call forwarding, the receptionist function, call history, voicemail and others are available on any phone.

Scalability: Pay as you grow because you only pay for what you use. Hosted Voice can go from 5 handsets to 50 or 5,000 and no phone system upgrades are necessary (you just need to ensure there’s enough network bandwidth at the respective sites)

Hosted Voice solution is so cost effective and super efficient that it will leave you wondering why it has taken you so long to make the switch.

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